Oral surgery

Oral surgery is the diagnosis of diseases, trauma and imperfections of the teeth, jaws and soft tissues of the mouth and their subsequent treatment (via suitable surgical procedures).

At the Dental & Facial Implant Centre, the only Brånemark centre in London (in Chiswick), we have the best professionals working with  the latest technological advances to offer you the best treatment options.

Common dental surgery

Wisdom teeth

Removing wisdom teeth is one of the most common oral surgery operations. It is mainly required because there is insufficient space for emerging teeth or as a consequence of possible defects in orientation, leading to tooth wear, crowding of neighbouring teeth or gum inflammation.

Cyst extraction

Cysts appear quite frequently in the maxillary bones. They occur in the jaw mainly due to retained teeth (teeth that cannot completely emerge despite being fully formed) or due to infections of teeth in poor conditions.

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Dental Implant specialists in London. Come to the only Brånemark Centre in London for your treatment. Associated with the father of implant dentistry, Professor Brånemark, our centre is a pioneer in this type of treatment.


 called in on the off chance of getting an appointment as I had a worry about a tooth, they were absolutely fantastic. So helpful and kind. Beautiful premises with a state of the art surgery. Would highly recommend.




Pre-prosthetic surgery

Before inserting a dental prosthesis, the patient must have an operation to prepare the gum and bone so it can effectively adapt to the tooth structure after placement.

Periapical surgery

Under normal conditions, a tooth whose nerve is diseased can be saved by root canal surgery. If the result is not as desired, in most cases it can be redone. However, if this proves ineffective, failing to control the developing dental lesion, then periapical surgery is indicated.

Periapical surgery cleans the infected dental root and removes the source of infection.

Others interventions

Complex dental extractions

In some cases, the patient’s dental conditions may not be ideal for surgery. Situations with an increased level of difficulty for dental extraction include ruined dental pieces, patients with systematic diseases, blood clotting disorders or patients who are recent recipients of radiotherapy.

In these cases, the professionalism and skill of the oral surgeon plays a significant role in the final result.

Dental replantation and autotransplants

We are experts in dentoalveolar trauma and in complex treatments such as dental autotransplantation and tooth replantation, and are one of the few clinics in the United Kingdom that perform these techniques.

A dental autotransplant involves moving a tooth from one position to another within the patient’s mouth. Although not very common, this technique is very effective, especially in children and adolescents who cannot receive an implant. It is usually indicated after dental trauma in patients with dental agenesis.

Meanwhile, dental replantation is the reinsertion of a tooth, with live pulp or not, in its natural alveolus after it has been extracted accidentally or intentionally.

Children's health specialists

During the development of a child’s dental arch, the oral cavity may experience some malformation that affects chewing and swallowing, as well as causing phonetic problems and dental occlusion. In many cases, the frenulum is responsible for these malformations.

Such problems can be corrected by a very quick and simple surgery performed under local anaesthetic. This surgery enables the child’s oral cavity to operate optimally once more.

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