Digital Smile Design

Smiling has numerous health benefits for us and those around us. That is why we at the D&F will design your ideal smile, via Digital Smile Design technology.

Advances in digital dentistry mean detailed cosmetic dentistry exams can be performed to plan the treatment necessary to construct your best smile. You can see beforehand how it will look at the end of the process.

We are specialists in Cosmetic Dentistry in London. Get in touch with us and let us find the perfect smile for you. Come find us in Chiswick, SW London.

How is the perfect smile designed?

Digital Smile Design technology was developed to meet the demands of patients who requested safer and more effective treatment. Thus, we have two key factors employed to create the smile you have always wanted: the hands of true cosmetic dentistry professionals and advanced software to digitally recreate the treatments we are going to perform.

Using special measuring glasses, our specialists take into account patient face parameters, including the size of the mouth and other proportional aspects, to create a harmonious and natural smile.

Information is power: we analyse every detail for the most accurate aesthetic examination: teeth position, colour, shape, size, occlusion, even your state of health and whether or not you  suffer from any periodontal disease. This allows us to make better decisions, so that both we and you will have a satisfied smile at the end.


Dr Cristina Osorna has helped improve my confidence 1000%! I had a large gap between my two front teeth which has made me feel so sad conscious and lack confidence. At the age of 35 I decided to sort it out so I could feel better about myself. I hated any photos showing my teeth and would cover my mouth as much as possible when meeting people or if I laughed. Now I couldn’t care lees! I love my new smile 😀 thanks so much Cristina, you’ve changed my life.



Why choose Digital Smile Design?

Many patients hesitate before undergoing dental treatment in the clinics because the processes are often lengthy and the lack of clarity about the effects of the operations sees people left unconvinced of their effectiveness. Digital Smile Design means we can check the results of the treatment before even starting it. No final process is applied to the patient’s teeth until the treatment is completely planned, so safety is guaranteed.

In addition, the patient takes an active role in the treatment. Cosmetic dentistry professionals analyse the possibilities and risk factors and prepare different options to be discussed with the patient. This also improves communication and the confidence patients have in us, as they are participants in the process and the changes to be made to their teeth.

Moreover, the technology continually monitors the treatment, evaluating the processes and results and preventing possible complications. At the end of the process, patients will have a perfect smile to help them show the best version of themselves.

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