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Dental implants are titanium screws that mimic the root of a tooth and are fixed to the jawbone to replace missing or damaged teeth. The implant serves as a base onto which the crown or dental prosthesis is placed, i.e. the aesthetic replacement that is visible once in place.

One of the main advantages of this procedure is treating tooth loss, whether it is replacing one tooth or several missing teeth. When a tooth is missing, it can be replaced with a single implant; where two or more teeth are missing, several crowns or a bridge can be placed across the implants; and should all teeth be missing, a full prosthesis can be placed across 4 or 6 implants.


Computer-guided surgery is one of the advances that offers the most significant improvements in implant dentistry.

Using 3D technology, a cutting-edge technology, for dental implantology treatments allows the surgeon to plan the surgery beforehand and insert the implants in the exact place required. This improves intervention precision, requires minimally invasive surgery, improving the post-operative healing period.

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Dr. Ernest Lucas, dental implant practitioner

Dr Ernest Lucas

As a recognized dental implant practitioner, Dr Lucas is a sought after lecturer in the UK and internationally.

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Dental Implant specialists in London. Come to the only Brånemark Centre in London for your treatment. Associated with the father of implant dentistry, Professor Brånemark, our centre is a pioneer in this type of treatment.

Advantages of dental implants

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I called in on the off chance of getting an appointment as I had a worry about a tooth, they were absolutely fantastic. So helpful and kind. Beautiful premises with a state of the art surgery. Would highly recommend.



Dental Implant insertion process

01. Evaluation
01. Evaluation

During the first visit, we will perform a complete and thorough evaluation diagnosis using the 3D technology to determine your dental situation and provide a comprehensive, personalised diagnosis with the best treatment options.

02. Surgical intervention
02. Surgical intervention

On the appointed day, the patient is given local anaesthesia before the dental implants are inserted in a simple operation in our clinic. This increase intervention precision, requires minimally invasive surgery, improving the post-operative healing period.

03. Osseointegration
03. Osseointegration

The implant then integrates into the bone (a process known as osseointegration) before the definitive prosthesis is placed. This process tends to take 4-6 months. In some cases, a provisional prosthesis can be placed on the same day as the operation.

04. Placement of prosthesis
04. Placement of prosthesis

Once enough time has elapsed for the implant to integrate into the bone, the restoration process is performed and the definitive dental prosthesis (the visible part of the tooth) is added.

05. Maintenance
05. Maintenance

After the operation, a protocol of annual visits is arranged to check and ensure the health and vitality of the implant and surrounding soft tissues.

On occasion, the features of the patient’s mouth make dental implant placement more difficult. This could include bone or periodontal defect that make implant placements difficult, our clinic is perfectly suited to solving these complex cases.

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