Cosmetic dentistry

An increasing number of people are concerned about the aesthetics and appearance of their mouth. Besides having a healthy and well looked after mouth, many patients ask us for advice on modifying or improving aspects related to their teeth or smile.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to change the appearance of your smile with 100% natural results.


Dr Cristina Isorna is a Board Member and Examiner of the University College London Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry Programme and an active member of dental societies such as the American Dental Society of London and the British Dental Association.


Dr Cristina Isorna replaced my old filling, replaced my front veneers, and created a straighter more symmetrical smile using composite veneers. I am really pleased with the results and would definitely recommend Cristina. I now have a natural looking straight white teeth – a Hollywood smile that doesn’t look fake!



BENEFITs of cosmetic dentistry

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Our Cosmetic Dentistry treatmentS

Dental veneers

Many people feel self-conscious about the shape, size or colour of their teeth. To solve these aesthetic problems, the most suitable treatment is dental veneers, especially after other treatment options have been ruled out.

Veneers are completely personalised thin sheets manufactured to adhere to the external part of the tooth. An initial exam is performed to determine the shape, size and colour of the veneers to ensure the desired result.

It is the ideal treatment for people whose teeth are separated (diastema), small, asymmetric or with small fractures caused by a blow or trauma.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most common treatment requests. Who chooses teeth whitening? People who, for genetic reasons or simply with the passing of time, are no longer content with the tone of their teeth and wish to brighten their smile by several tones.

Teeth tend to turn yellow over time. In fact, daily food and hygiene habits have a strong impact on the colour of the teeth. Dealing with this issue is very easy thanks to teeth whitening treatment.

This dental procedure is very simple and minimally invasive. After protecting the gums so they are not irritated, a whitening gel is applied to the external surface of the teeth and this acts directly on the tooth enamel. To enhance the effect of this product, we use an LED lamp, for chairside procedures and this boosts the bleaching process.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

The advent of the latest technologies in dentistry has led us to offering this Cosmetic Dentistry treatment at our dental clinic in London.

The concept of Digital Smile Design involves the study of the facial morphology of patients and their facial and dental proportions to  design and recreate the expected result of the final treatment performed on the patient.

Digital Smile Design enables you to see the final result of your treatment before you even start!


Other Cosmetic Dentistry treatment

We also perform other types of cosmetic dentistry treatment, especially inlays. These are made to replace parts of the tooth lost because of caries or fractures, amongst others.

When tooth destruction is significant, dental crowns are usually used. This is a prosthesis that completely covers the visible part of the tooth to restore chewing and aesthetic functions. Both crowns and inlays are made of material that mimics the colour of the tooth so they go completely unnoticed.

Another very frequent treatment is gingivectomy, which is a technique to solve gingival smile and remove excess gum. Gingival smile is when the patient shows an excessive proportion of gum compared to teeth when smiling. A small intervention can provide notable aesthetic improvement.

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