Children’s Dentistry

At D&F we firmly believe that kids should be treated by an experienced paediatric dentist. They understand the different ailments that afflict children and how to care for their mouths from infancy through to the teenage years.

When you bring your child to our practice, you can be assured that their smile is in the best hands!


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Dental services specifically designed for your child

D&F offers a welcoming environment for kids to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable at all times. Our specialist will ensure your child has a positive dental experience.

Prevent Care

Preventative Care

Our aim is to help your child prevent dental disease. Regular check-ups, starting by the first birthday, can help avoid problems like the development of tooth decay and cavities.

At D&F we offer a preventative program individualised to your child’s needs:

  • Oral health exams including x-rays if needed.
  • Preventative dental care, including cleaning and fluoride applications.
  • Proper brushing and flossing instructions.
  • Nutritional and dietary recommendations.
Restorative care

Restorative Care

If you child has developed a dental disease, our paediatric dentist will tackle it with the most appropriate treatment, some of which are listed below:

  • Repairing dental defects and cavities including carrying out pulpotomy.
  • Management of gum diseases and paediatric periodontal disease.
  • Treatment for: ulcers, short frenulum, mucoceles…
  • Early procedures for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite (orthodontics).

We promote oral health in schools through educational talks

An excellent program designed to encourage cleanliness, promote healthy habits and to learn about the relationship between food and oral hygiene in the appearance of cavities.

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