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New patient consultation£70
Panoral x-ray£60
Small x-Ray£10
CT scan (sectional/one arch/double arch)£100 / £110 / £200
Hygieneappointment 30 mins£90
Hygieneappointment 45 mins£110
Hygiene appointment + Airflow£150
Periodontal assessment£120
Periodontal treatment per sessionFrom £150
Periodontal reassesment£100
Home Whitening£350
Surgery+ Home Whitening£500
Soft Nightguard/ Sports GuardFrom £250
Acrylic Nightguard/ Michigan SplintFrom £600
Filling SmallFrom £120
Filling MediumFrom £150
Filling LargeFrom £200
Aesthetic Composite RestorationFrom £250
Complex Aesthetic Composite RestorationFrom £300
Fissure Restoration (per tooth)£150
Inlays/OnlaysFrom £650
Full Porcelain/Metal Free CrownFrom £850
Porcelain Fused to Metal£850
Veneers (per unit/tooth)£850
RBridges (per unit/tooth)From £900
DenturesFrom £1800
Consultation Adult£100
Consultation Child£50
Fixed Braces Ceramic Buccal Dual ArchFrom £4000
Fixed Metallic Braces Dual ArchFrom £3600
Invisalign i7From £1500
Invisalign fullFrom £4000
Incognito Dual Arch BuccalFrom £7000
Incognito Dual ArchFrom £8000
Fixed Retainer£250
Hawley Retainer£250
Essix Retainer£150
Implant consultation£100
Simple ExtractionFrom £200
Complex Surgical ExtractionFrom £300
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionFrom £350
Wisdom Tooth Surgical ExtractionFrom £450
Surgical Implant PlacementFrom £1300
Implant CrownFrom £1200
Implant RemovalFrom £300
Connective Tissue GraftFrom £900
Crown Lengthening (per tooth)£300
Root Surface DebridementFrom £180
Sinus Lift£2000
Surgical Guide£500
Bone AugmentationFrom £650
Endodontic TreatmentsPrice
Endodontic Consultation single tooth including xrays£80
Endodontic Consultation 2-3 teeth including xrays£100
Root Canal Treatment (Anterior)£650
Root Canal Treatment (Premolar)£750
Root Canal Treatment (Molar)£850
Endodontic Retreatment Supplement£100
Post Removal and/or Removal of Separated FileFrom £100
Post and/or Core Removal (only on request of refferring dentist)From £100
Review AppointmentsFree of charge
Micro Endodontic SurgeryFrom £800
Vital Pulp Therapy (+restoration-provisional)£350
Full Exam 0-2 years old£45
Full Exam, Hygiene, Fluoride, Xrays (if needed) 3-6 years old£95
Full Exam, Hygiene, Fluoride, 2 Xrays (if needed) 7-13 years old£125
Full Exam, hygiene and Xrays (if needed) 14-17 years old£150
Direct Composite Restorations in Deciduous (milk) Teeth£75 / £140
Direct Composite Restorations in Permanent Teeth£140 / £280
Fissure Sealants (Preventative)£45
Fluoride Application£40
Extractions Deciduous Teeth£95 / £140
Extractions Permanent Teeth£140 / £170
SS crown£150
Pulpotomy£130+ restoration
Full Dental Trauma Assessment (without treatment)£70 / £160
Dental Trauma Review£60
Out of Hours Call Out/Re-Open Surgery (+Treatment)£300
Emergency Appointment (+Treatment)£90
Recement Crown£80
Recement BridgeFrom £120
Drain Abscess£140
Denture Ease£100
Denture Repairs/CleaningFrom £90

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