State-of-the-art Dental Technology

The field of dentistry is constantly evolving and changing to best suit patient needs.

At our dental clinic we believe that the use of new technology is really helpful in improving diagnoses and treatments.

That is why at D&F Implant Centre we are constantly updating our facilities to introduce new dental technologies so we can offer the best solution to our patients.

KAVO OP 3D PRO. Latest X-Ray technology

The orthopantomograph OP 3D Pro, by KaVo, uses the latest in 3D and 2D technologies, providing quality optimized images for a very low radiation dose (80% reduction in dosing compared to the standard 3D acquisition protocol). It is ideal for sensitive cases such as children.

It has the ability to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and difficult anatomies, providing five panoramic images with only one scan. We can evaluate different morphologies easily as the region of interest can be viewed from all directions.

Thanks to this technology, we can give a better diagnosis and provide the best solution while always prioritizing our patient’s confort.

ALLTION. High precision microscope

Alltion’s microscope is an ideal surgical tool for endodontic treatments. Its ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability guarantee our specialist is able to work confortably for long time precision treatments. 

While other surgical microscopes swing down sharply because the locking stoppers loosen by accident, Alltion’s improved 120° connecting arm avoids risks of dangerous damage to the patient.

Every single detail can be caught with its super wide field of view eyepieces with no distortion, creating a higher rate of treatment success.

Sterilization. We ensure our patients safety

One of the primary responsibilities of dental healthcare professionals is to create a safe and comfortable environment for their patients.

An autoclave is a machine that harnesses the power of high temperature and high-pressure steam in order to sterilize all of the instruments and all of the materials used in professional procedures. Having a reliable, effective autoclave is essential to the smooth operation of the clinic.

At our dental office in Chiswick we use the latest advancements in sterilization systems to keep all of our equipment, instruments, and surfaces clean and safe.

Dental technology improves the patient experience

The benefits of using modern technological advances in our dental practice are readily seen as patients receive faster results and better treatment planning. It is our responsibility to provide patients with the most advanced and latest dental technology to help them achieve their goals.

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