When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time?

Parents are often unsure about when to take their children to the dentist. Should you wait until all of his teeth have come in or perhaps until there is a real problem?

Even if it seems a little early, your kid’s first dental visit should take place between the eruption of their first tooth and their first birthday. At this time, the dentist can give you information about baby bottle tooth decay, dummy and finger-sucking habits, mouth cleaning instructions… These first visits will also help your kid becoming familiar with the clinic environment and getting to know the dentist.

The sooner your kid starts receiving dental care, the healthier their teeth will be as they grow up!

Do baby teeth really matter?

Many parents don’t understand how important their children’s primary (baby) teeth are to lifelong oral health. That is why they do not pay enough attention to them.

Actually, they are very important for several reasons:

  • They help children chewing properly
  • They are involved in the speech development
  • They save the space for permanent teeth
  • They provide support for the developing facial muscles and give shape to the child’s face

The first dentist visit is a great opportunity for parents to learn the importance of primary teeth and how best to care for their children’s oral health.

Why is choosing a paediatric dentist better than a regular dentist?

Choosing dental care for a child is not an easy decision. A general dentist often has a relationship with the rest of the family and has a great awareness of family history, which could be useful to your child. However, paediatric dentists are specifically dedicated to children and have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the oral health and growth of their teeth.

They have followed an additional training focused on management and treatment of developing teeth, children’s behavior, physical growth and the special needs of children’s dentistry. Knowing that their little patients are sometimes scared about their visit, paediatric dentists take great care in making their young visitors comfortable.

Book your child’s first appointment

Taking kids to the dentist is necessary to keep their teeth healthy and promote excellent oral hygiene habits. Being proactive about your child’s dental health today will help them preserve their smile healthy for life.

At D&F Dental Clinic in Chiswick we want to help your child look after their teeth right up to adulthood. Our paediatric dentist will explain them the importance of oral hygiene and prevention in a child-friendly way. We can’t wait to meet your little one!

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